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Find your voice.
Build your audience. 


Hi! I'm Ayushi Chaswal. 

I help personal development coaches and founders build an online presence on LinkedIn to have access to endless business opportunities.

This is for you if you are too overwhelmed and don't know how to start on LinkedIn. 

Hey Personal Development Founders & Coaches,

We have access to endless business opportunities, thanks to the online world. 

You have the expertise and experience in your field.


You want to take your business online and be visible. 

You want to help people take charge of themselves. 

You are aware of the power of the online world of LinkedIn. 

Nothing motivates you more than seeing people go through positive changes in their lives. 


But you don't know:

  1. how to start on LinkedIn

  2. how to build an online audience

  3. the importance of a personal brand

  4. how to establish yourself as an authoritative figure in your niche.

How I can help you?

My course '4 Easy Steps to Start on LinkedIn Today' (coming soon) will help: 

  • build your community 

  • make you visible on LinkedIn

  • take your business to the next level

  • establish you as an authority in your niche 

  • help you collaborate with other professionals

  • build your online presence with your unique voice


"I enjoyed working with Ayushi!
She's eager to learn, good at research, and attentive to comments.
She managed to follow my brief closely, asked good questions, and corrected content according to my comments very well. Recommended!"

Katsiaryna Verameichyk, Marketing Specialist

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